Another Cast and Crew Update!

As I’m both Director and the Cinematographer for One Day, I will be bringing an Assistant Director onto this project. Assistant Director is an important and key role to a film set. We are thrilled to welcome Rebekah Cook onto the crew for One Day! – Gwendelynn Martindale

Rebekah Cook has been deeply involved in the independent Christian film industry since 2009, serving as cast and/or crew for over twenty projects, including Indescribable, Christmas Grace, Beyond The Mask, Polycarp, and The Screenwriters.

“I love telling stories that brim with hope, that inspire audiences to an eternal perspective. What if making a difference in the world has nothing to do with our self-made plans, and everything to do with our willingness to be used by God to impact a stranger’s life? One Day is an intriguing, thoughtful look at what it means to redeem the time and live with purpose. I’m excited to be a part of the team!”

Also we are pleased to announce our Gaffer / Lighting Technician Nathanael Brunner!

Terry Voskuil has been cast as the Angel in One Day. Welcome to the cast!

And Stacy Bradshaw who has been cast as Emily will also be the Behind the Scenes Photographer. Thank you Stacey!

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